Down payment given – job never started


My Complaint: A contact was signed with Villa Nova Construction to replace 6 windows, install soffit, install facial metal on remaining windows and chimney cap and repair siding. A down payment of $2,350.00 was given on 5/14/13 and the check was cashed on 5/15/13. The contractor, Michael Crowell stated that the windows would be delivered in 2 weeks and that the vinyl portion would begin in three days. Six weeks later and after numerous excuses including ordering the wrong color material twice, the job still has not been started. The Anderson windows which should have been installed the last week of May have still not been installed. The contactor again has made numerous excuses regarding the delivery of the windows. The last correspondence was made by text with Michael Crowell on 6/22/13. As of that date he has ignored our calls and text messages. We have not been able to contact him or his manager, Kelly Frank.


My Demand: Return of down payment – $2,350.00