Respected Officer, nI am filing this report with lots of hope and anticipation of justice. nWe purchased four pilgrimage (Hajj) package from VIP Travel n( in June 2011 totaling USD 18, 070.There are 200+ people who bought the package from him & become his victim so in total it is a scam over 2 million dollars. The package duration was from Oct 24th 2011 to Nov 14 2011. Please see the schedule of our trip filed along with this report. nWe were promised the following n1. Saudi Visa needed for Hajj n2. Air Ticket from US to Saudi Arabia and back n3. Lodging in Saudi Arabia (hotel ids, sim cards, bags, etc) n4. Food while we are on the trip n5. Local transportation in Saudi Arabia n6. Miscellaneous items during the trip to Saudi Arabia and back to USA nAs per travel agent instruction we sent our important document including but not limited to original passport, copies medical records, and marriage certificate needed for visa in mid September 2011 this year. We could not travel on the schedule date (26/10/11) because travel agent didnt sent us the passports, Visas and other necessary documents needed for the trip. Since Oct 20th our travel agent is promising that passport will arrive next day. Presently, we have no communication from our travel agent, we tried numerous telephone calls, emails but he is not responding. nI contacted the FBI call agent at 412-384-500 and was told to contact the local police authorities. (Please see the e-mail form the FBI). Some people were able to get hold of the travel agent (Rashid Minhas alias Rashif Faridi) in New York. They contacted the local police authorities at 115th Precinct, Detective Squad at 92-15 Northern Blvd. Tele: n718-533-2076 & fax: 718-533-1232. Detective Knapp was looking into this case at that time. nAfter lots of hard work, we found 58 people in Bay Area San Francisco and 200+ all over United States exactly in same situation. They purchased the packages for the pilgrimage from Rashid Minhas of VIP Travel Services Inc. or his associate travel agent Sikander Sayeed of VIP Hajj & Umrah. If needed, I can provide details of other people who were cheated / affected by VIP Travel Services Inc.& VIP Hajj & Umrah. nBelow are the details of the Travel Agency nVIP Travel Services Inc. nAgent Name: Rashid Minhas (Alias: Rashid Faridi). nAddr: 6223 N. California Ave Chicago, IL 60659 nPhone: 773-916-9443 & 718-710-0771. nPlease let me know if you guys can help us to expose this person by article circulation or media.Any guidance /help will be appreciated.It is Sum of more than two million dollars scam.

6236 – California Ave., IL – -USA Chicago, Illinois United States of America


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