Complaint: Virgin International Hair is located at 2575 S. Dairy Ashford Rd. Houston, Texas 77077. The hair looks really nice as well as the shop. But dont lets looks fool you. The owner is currently under investigation as well as the Defendant in a class action civil claim in Federal Court Southern District due to lacing the hair with chemical that permantly destroys your natural hair to keep you coming back for more hair. Several women have worn this hair that went completely bald. I never had a problem when I first got the hair. It holds a good curl. I was told that the hair last for years which it probably does, but the chemicals that is laced in this hair will make your hair completly destroyed with serious skin reactions. trust us on this. The owner is from Nigeria and she acts very nice and friendly until you start noticing the rapid hair lost. The prices are 120 to over 200.00 a bundle. If you purchase hair from Virgin International hair let it soak in hot water for at lease 48 hours. The hair is saturated in harmful chemicals. Although the hair feels great and looks good and odorless it is going to take all your natural hair out in the matter of a few months. I am a plaintiff with over 8 women that have went completely bald after wearing the hair. A classaction federal suit is filed in the United States District Courts for the Southern District of Texas against Virgininternational Hair for the permanet lost of several African American Women who is completely bald after wearing the hair. The proof is in the pudding, serval petioners in this suit have came forward with pictures to show all the spots of hair lost to the federal courts that was caused sinced the time they started wearing hair from Virgin International Hair. The case is ongoing and I pray justice will be served for all the black women that have lost a tremend amount of hair from this indian hair that was laced with harmful chemicals. The owner knows the ongoing problem and denies all alligations saying its nothing wrong with the hair and denying all the damage that been done to our sistersin the community. If you have lost all your hair from the chemicals in her hair make a reports here and we will contact you in regards to relief from the damages. Trusting a business like this has caused a great lost of hair and embrassment. Do not buy hair from Virgin International Hair or you will regret it in the long run.

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Address: 2575 S. Dairy Ashford Road Ste.D Houston, Texas USA


Phone: 832-328-7381