Complaint: In my experience, the Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission, along with the court system where my case was heard, the Spotsylvania County Court, DO NOT protect workers from on-the-job injury. I was injured at work, while on duty. I fell during the course of my shift onto the very hard floor located at my job site and as a result was severely injured to my face and knees. I was urged by the employer to go to the ER immediately, and I did. I got a $1500 hospital bill, and submitted it to the employer who refused to pay, even though I was injured while on duty at their place of employment and had I not been I would not have been injured. I filed a case through Virginia Worker’s Compensation Commission, who scheduled a hearing at the Spotsylvania County Courthouse. The hearing took place, and even though I proved I was in fact injured and was in fact at work and working, and I proved the condition of the flooring, my case was dismissed. It costs a $500 bond plus another fee to appeal, which I cannot afford. This is hardly adequate protection or legal recourse for suffering, injured workers. Clearly, the Virginia Compensation Commission and Spotsylvania County Court have a bias in favor of employers, and workers be warned, you are working at your own risk!!! Do not expect the employer to be held accountable for your at-work injuries!

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