Complaint: –They shut my server down without any notice or warnings. They did it because my process was using the CPU to its capacity that I was and still am(they won’t even cancel my service) paying for. –They expect you not to use the hardware you are paying for, and will send you messages like this one: “We apologize that a shutdown was required for this server without a prior warning but this was an emergency case as your VPS was actively having a negative effect on other customers. Had this not been the case then you would have been warned before such action happened. Future instances of abuse may lead to a warning rather than a shutdown.””–The customer service is extremely arrogant

Tags: VPN

Address: and not amicable. They are not even willing to own up to their mess-ups

Website: Los Angeles, California United States

Phone: and treat their customers very badly–They give a lot of hassles when it comes to cancelling the service. As of now