Complaint: I was hired by nancy davenport on 7/5th/2015 as an appointment setter she gave us the training and sent us the contract via docusign here is the access code 0F64E3F5D8354C369DE8ECE9491DA89F2. she said we were going to be paid 10 dls per hour + 35 dls per appts confirmed + 50 dls if we completed the instalation for solar panels in the customers homes. she said she was going to pay me weekly and she didnt pay me the first week or the second week, she said she left a week behind but she didnt explain it in training. she changed the payment method 3 times stating that i could either take it or leave it at the end she asked me to be a supervisor paying me 100 dls per hour + 50 per agents appts + 100dls per install. she was always cutting me with pay on aug10th she was supposed to pay me 200 dls she only paid 180 when i asked her about the rest she never answered. but as of aug she also changed the way she paid the appts she said that in order to get paid for the appointments they needed to be demos (that the energy consultant had to go there and explain the process to the homeowners and we had 1 month and 30 days without installs because all of them were pending. on aug 31rst she only deposited 100 dls in my acct when she had to deposit 195 dls because i made 1 appt my self as a supervisor and agent which is 50dls as supervisor+45 as agent as we agreed and 2 appts from 2 agents 50+50 we had track of that information in an appointment status sheet she sent us via email. that appt sheet had the payment dates with the appointments that ran in that pay period. and she deposited almost half of the money to all the agents in the staff. they were all complaining to me because i was supposely the supervisor but nancy was only using me for her convenience she was firing the agents after they made the appointments and didnt pay them. for the first time i decided to face her and ask her for my money she never answered me so i went to speak with the bussiness owner josh williams and he was just sending me emails with ilogical excuses on why she didnt pay me or the agents. she spent 3 days without responding me on skype and finally when i asked her why she was not responding she blocked me from skype, she blocked me from the appointment sheet,she blocked me from the entire shift, she blocked the agents that complained and josh williams never replied back to my email msgs. to protect myself i took screenshots of the appt sheet and all the paydates, screenshot of the system and the agents that used to work there that were scammed, i have screenshots of everything that i could to prove that they are just scamming people. in the website they have a location, but josh shows a different location in california, nancy appears as if she was at phoenix in skype but her ip address shows she is in roseburg oregon and the website shows an address in delaware she never shows her face. they owe me as i calculated superficially 445 dls because there are more appointments they haven paid me since the left 2 weeks behind i need to still get paid for those 2 weeks this is something that needs to be resolved because they are hiring people all over the world except in the united states and they are making them work and fire them. i have evidence that i can provide, they use safesoftsolutions softwares to operate their scam, they call persons that are in the dnc list all the time and both nancy davenport and josh williams are accomplice into this.

Tags: Computer Fraud

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 6024880999