My Visa checking account has been hijacked by MWI BusinessMax. The only contact I’ve had with them is through VistaPrint after I was defrauded into accidentally authorizing a BusinessMax relationship I did not want. Here is the deceptive VistaPrint statement: n”Thank You… please complete your survey and claim your reward $10 CASH BACK ON YOUR ORDER TODAY!”” nThe worst part is that I normally used a different credit card with VistaPrint so somehow

MWI BusinessMax got my Visa checking account info from VistaPrint. nHere is a long list of others who have gotten ripped off as nPlease do something if you’ve been ripped off by these guys. n If you say “”Why bother because it’s only $9.95″” then these npeople are getting away with a huge scam that will strongly encourage others to rip us off for small amounts because they will have been taught they can get away with it. nDevinnPlymouth

MinnesotaU.S.A.” Arizona U.S.A.