Complaint: One of the most popular new scams is telemarketers calling people selling overpriced and mostly worthless nutrtiional products. One of the newer entrants to this scam is a company called Vitality Health And Nutriton Laboratories. They claim to have offices all over the USA. The call I recieved was from Orlando, FL which they indicated is a new office. They also claim to have offices in Tampa, FL and Portland, Or. Their pict goes like this: “Hello

Tags: Sales People

Address: I am calling from Vitality Health & Nutriton. How are you today? (Lol. Classic amatuer telemarketers) Then they go on to say they they only call prequalified people like me who have shown an interest in health & nutrtiion. In other words

Website: a drug or even a vitamin. Funny thing. Even though they emphatically state that it is not s drug or a medicine

Phone: they bought my name from a list somewhere. Then they procede to talk about a product called Marine Phytoplankton