Complaint: To whom it may concern, If you take the time to perform some research on this company you’ll see they are currently fighting off many suits. There are reasons for this. Contributors to the downfall of service and employee satisfaction. Poor management – This has to be the biggest of them all. The company offers NO training for the people it promotes and then often will attack the employee for not understading the constraints of the new position. Poor treatment of employees – The suits filed as well as settlements for back pay on OT should be enogh to make you wonder, why so many “Employee”” issues. Favoritism for particular people – I’ve seen people work here 5

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Phone: 10 years and deserve a promtion but lose it to someone’s family or friend who was brought in. They aren’t qualified and undeserving of it but receive it simply becasue of the “”Relationship””. Vitas uses an application to store its patient information except the app doesn’t do its job very well. I know that this application loses data on a daily basis. I am sure the Feds would like to know more about this! While some of the clinical staff are great