I am reporting FMLA or Family Medical Leave abuse and fraud in regards to Vivian Pace of Delta Airlines. I have reported this to Delta.com and I want everyone to know the reason why your airline tickets are increasing each year. I have live across the street from Vivian Pace of Northern Kentucky since she move in. What is the issue? I wanted to know why she is always at home. The first excuse I heard was she was on u201cA daysu201d and then come to find out she was using FMLA to get more days off. So I did some research to find out what exactly can FMLA be use for…? Well that is for family and when I went to her house in the past two weeks, she was slurring her speech, and had a big bottle of wine, plus a bottle of vodka, which she is drinking. I said to her that she needs to stop abusing the FMLA act with Delta Airlines and she told me that is none of my business. I told her she needs to take care of her father and again she told me that is none of my business. I then told her she needs to stop abusing the system with Delta Airlines and use the system the way it is suppose to be used. She declined to answer anymore of my questions. Then I decided to look up her history and she has 2 (two) DUI’s. Then I decided to look a little further, and she doesn’t have custody of her own child. Yes that is correct, direct from Amber Wright, from a government organization which has confirmed this. In my humble opinion I think Delta Airlines needs to find the abuse and fire people like Vivian Pace of Northern Kentucky, which is a flight attentand, and the next person which you may need to help you find you way out of the airplane in the event of an emergency.

2419 Venetian Way Burlington, Kentucky USA


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