Vivd seats is using the old “BAIT and SWITCH” scheme when you buy their tickets to rip you off on the seats you order through their internet sight. Beware that what you are paying for is definitely not what you are going to get. They will sell a ticket to an event that shows the section and seat number of the tickets you are ordering. What you will receive will be the cheapest general admission tickets to the event and you will end up with out a seat assisgnement and standing in the hallway to watch the event standing up. I believe this activity to be illeal and I can guarantee you will not be able to get your money back. If your purchase was made with a credit card and you dispute the charges and cancel payment, Vivid seats has their scheme perfected and your credit card company will honor their charges and you will have to pay the disputed amount. Stay away from their internet site and order your tickets through ticket masters or another well know reliable site that you are familiar with or that you have receivd a good recommendation form a reliable source. Please help stamp out these types of rip off internet sites and put these guys out of business. .

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