Complaint: I use to work for vms alarms. They do alarms systems..They are the people you want to keep out of your house. The fbi local police have been involved for many reasons..Stealing peoples personal information,drugs,ripping off customers and employees. They are a horrible company and they are a bunch of criminals and drug addicts. most employees are fresh out of prison for robbery, rape and drugs. They do illegal credit checks and they dispose of customers personal information by dumping it into the landfill. Jay Gotra is the ceo and he is a drug addict. The abuse their employees, refusing to pay them wages. Please don’t ever take an alarm from them. Most alarms dont even work..They install bad equpiment so they can save money and rob their customers…

Tags: Drug Dealers

Address: 60 jefferson blvd warwick, Rhode Island United States of America


Phone: 4019434900