Complaint: I bought German shepherd puppy from Vom Buflod German shepherd Ohio last year and paid close to $5000 including shipping to Los Angeles. When I revised puppy I called owner Kathy his one ear is down and he walk funny but she said he is pupp and in few weeks he will be fine. So I waited few weeks and told he has still same problem but she said wait till 6 months bec he is large size so it will take time. I waited 6 months and meanwhile I used whatever she recommended like food, vitamins or other supplemen, but still he walk and run funny and his still one ear down. Then she said wait another few months and I did. Then I text her again and then she said do taping, glue ear and I did and she said wait 3 more months . I did again and now dog is almost one year old but still one ear down and he walk/ run not properly. So I’m trying to call and text her but last one one month no answer. I just want to ask what sho I do but now she does not answer. I just want other people know what happened to us. So before they buy dog from them do research. We love our dog but we spent lot of money on him but we just want we should get what we paid for. When we bought we never thought his one ear will be down and will not run or walk properly.

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