My kindle wasn’t working correctly and so I called what I thought was Amazon Kindle Support andgot this company called Voltec. They asked for information to get on my computer at home and got informationfrom me and made me think my computer had been hacked. They fixed it and told me I would have to pay269.00 by check and I said they would have to wait until my next paycheck. Then it stopped working again.I got ahold of the real Amazon Kindle support and they told me it was a free service and he fixed it over phone w/out anypersonal information. I called the computor geeks I usually use to come out to my house and look at my computer.Sure enough they hacked into my account and so he cleaned out the program they used. Now they continue to call asking for money when they didn’t fix it and Amazon said it was a scam. The phone number they use is 866-368-2212Please advise me on how to handle this.