W.C.S. mails an official looking letter titled "2020 – Periodic Report Instruction Form" for "Colorado LLCs", with customer ID numbers printed on the form, start date and agent name/ address of the entity, and CO Statutes requiring annual periodic reports. The letter later states that "If the business entity is still in use, W.C.S., a private entity, will assist for a fee in the filing of your periodic report." Then in all caps "W.C.S. IS NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY AND DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT WITH ANY GOVERNMENTAL AGENCY TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE." It then requests a check for payment in the amount of $110 to W.C.S., and says "Price includes state fee and W.C.S. processing fees. Also, in small font caps "ALL W.C.S. PROCESSING FEES ARE 100% FULLY GUARANTEED". Don’t fall for this, as periodic reporting can be filed easily online at the Secretary of State’s website for $10. I’ve spent over two hours of time researching and commenting on this entity that I needed to spend on actual business work. This fraudulent entity presents itself visually as a government agency, and should be shut down immediately.