Complaint: Wanda Nave’s arrogant driving on revoked license, and running a red light, destroying my car two months after I paid it off, causing a bad head injury, harm to my neck, back, and destroying the use of my ankle, and all these negligent acts of Wanda Nave caused me to have to give up on the house I was trying to buy; and instead I had to rush out and buy another car, and live in that car, as a Senior Citizen, for the past four years; and won’t be able to afford a place until I pay off the car loan in two more years. There is no justice for VICTIMS OF RED LIGHT RUNNERS; but the VICTIMS must SUFFER WORSE THAN CRIMINALS. IF CRIMINALS were sentenced to six years living in a car, with no heat and no AC; and had to beg for food from places that give expired food in cans, and groceries that need to be cooked on a stove or microwave, and had no bathroom, except fast food places, when they are open, and if CRIMINALS had to eat the cheapest fast food, and spend less than two or three dollars on this daily junkfood, the WORLD WOULD BE OUTRAGED; AND THE WORLD WOULD CRY INJUSTICE AND INHUMANITY for the criminals, who did bad things. BUT IF THIS OUTRAGEOUS TORTURE HAPPENS TO A WOMAN WHO SERVED HER COUNTRY DOING CLASSIFIED WORK ALL HER CAREER, AS A CONTRACTOR, SO SHE HAS NO GOVERNMENT BENEFITS, AS VETERANS DO, THIS is acceptable to the WORLD. The auto insurance company adjuster from STATE AUTO gave me seven days of car rental during blizzards in Western MD, when many of the car dealers were closed with a foot of snow on their cars, to find another car. IN a panic, I searched but I had virtually no cash; but good credit; but due to limited retirement income I could not afford much which made the search more difficult. I had to look as fast as I could with a head injury that impaired my vision, and my concentration, and impaired comprehension, in adition to a very painful ankle. Later I learned I needed a brace all the time to walk. My ankle was working fine before the accident. It was badly sprained and strained; but not broken. When I finally found a used car on the last day, I had to use a magnifying glass, and re-read the contract several times to understand it. Normal comprehension may have required reading it twice, at most. When I complained to my adjuster, he refused to explain, and only said, AFTER seven days, I am cutting you off the car rental. IN Maryland everyone has 30 days of car rental under these circumstances. But if you have no one to defend you, they can do whatever they want. Wanda and I had the same auto insurer; and that is a recipe to take you to the cleaners and cheat you our of every thing the insurer can. The years have become more and more difficult with each year. I had eaten pretty nutritiously before the accident and cooked good veges and ate inexpensive but nutritious food to keep healthy. So now I am experiencing my health go downhill; and my teeth have rotted and I had have three extracted in one sitting to keep from dying of infection. There is no dental help in the richest State of Maryland unless you wait on a waiting list for many years. Did you know that Food stamps does not allow you to buy a tooth bursh or tooth paste. But I could buy chips, candy and every worthless cookie or cake. For nearly four year They government gave me NO FOOD STAMPS BECAUSE I HAD NO PHYSICAL RESIDENCE; even though I had been a tax-paying resident of this State for nearly 30 years. I have no place to cook and many of the pantries in Maryland treat me like I am a pain, for not being able to take rice, macaroni, and other staples that need to be cooked. The looks on their faces are hard to endure; because they automatically assume that anyone living in a car, must be an alcoholic or worse. But even when I explain, they look like they have no way to understand how terrible it is to be forced to endure this torture because a woman decided to thumb her nose at the MVA and drive even thought she was prohibited by her doctor. I often have terrifying dreams and worry that someone will break into my car while I sleep; and I never know where I will find a place to park over night. I used to feel that GOD has a reason for putting me through this horrible nightmare, while so many criminals have three square meals a day; a bed, a place to exercise and study, and even TV. For the first three years, while I was still stunned by the head injury, I didn’t figure out a lot of things that I would normally have been able to comprehend. Like when I went to social services and asked if they had a list of pantries, and the worker told me NO; It took me about a year to figure out that I should ask again; because she may have been wrong. Now I pray to GOD that this terrible torture will no change who I am. I found a place where a church feeds people who have suffered financial loss or job loss. ONe brilliant guy asled tje question, IF one is not mentally harmed when this kind of life begins, will they not become mentally harmed? Something needs to be done to stop the red-light runners who get away with crimes like this; even when the police report and two witnesses totally faulted her. She had a road named after her family in the LaVale area and therefore she did not get a ticket; but I got six years of HELL.

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