Waco Texas CPS They are traumatizing my family after the death of our beautiful daughter. Waco Texas!!. My daughter , oldest of four died after over dosing with her boyfriend on December 11th 2017. She would have been 23 on December 15th. The Cps in Waco , going on a completely false affidavit took my 13 and 16 year old and are hostile and have no compassion for our situation. They are causing so much stress I’m afraid I’ll loose my kids to them running away from foster care 2 hrs from me. They want to be home and in their school, we need to grieve their sister and there is no reason for cps to be in my life ” managing ” my kids, they are killing us and don’t even say they understand or sound like they care at all, matter of fact they seem to sabotage me.
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