Took in a Lawn mower for a tune up, oil change and blade sharpen with instructions to call if anything else was found or needed. The estimate for the requested work was $125 – $150. Was told it would be ready “next week””. a week and a half later I stopped in to check on the unit as I hadn’t heard from them. Was told they ordered parts. 2 Belts

3 blades

Idler pully and a tension spring. I asked how much it was. They didn’t know. But said the parts were needed so were ordered. I had them figure up the total and call me with it. $347.79 was the total with the parts and labor. When I told them they were to call before any additional work was done I was told “”I won’t let the mower leave unless it’s fixed properly”” They wern’t going to call about the ordered parts until they were installed and present the bill for them. They are upset that they are being told that we don’t want the parts nor the repairs that we didn’t ask for. They are refusing to put the mower back together so it can be transported home.”

3005 225th St Williamsburg, Iowa USA

(319) 668-2025