Wakefield Inn & Winery sold vouchers through Living Social for a two night get away at their B&B. These vouchers are limited to two select rooms only. The rooms are now completely booked until the expiration of the voucher. nThe owner was beligerant and rude when confronted with the problem. Apparently she was unprepared for the number of guests the Living Social vouchers would bring and feels she is now overworked and under compensated. Unfortunately this anger is directed at her “guests.”” When we tried to use the vouchers she insisted that they were now only gift certificates for the amount paid

despite the fact that they do not expire for another seven months. After refusing to refund the amount paid

our only option was to book an availble room and pay an additional $200

or forfeit the $181. nLiving Social claims that any difficulty in redemption must be handled by the owner of the B&B. nI’m sure the owners of this B&B are very nice people

but this is no way to run a business. A more professional approach is needed with an emphasis on working with customers to meet their needs. Simply extending the expiration of the voucher for an additional two months would have solved the problem. Unfortunately she took the “”take it or leave it”” approach. This “”in your face”” attitude may work in Boston