Complaint: I took my ’97 Saturn into Wal-Mart for an oil change to save on a few bucks. I normally take it to my Saturn dealer for oil changes so it always has Saturn parts and a Saturn oil filter put back on. I drove the car home after the Wal-Mart oil change (which they were very much in a hurry to complete as it was about 30 minutes to closing – but there was no one in front of me so that should not have been such a hurry job) and the next morning there was a huge puddle of oil underneath my car in the garage. I thought my car had sprung a leak somehow and drove it straight to the Saturn dealership. The Saturn mechanic said almost all of the oil had drained out of my car because they had replaced my oil plug with one that did not fit my car. Apparently my oil plug was probably dropped or lost so they even tried putting a washer on one that didn’t fit and hoped it would hold. It didn’t even last 24 hours. They had put on a different filter though. The Saturn dealership (Southwest Freeway location in Houston) GAVE me a Saturn plug, Saturn oil filter, and re-filled my car with fresh oil all at no charge! When I went back to the Wal-Mart to complain, they said I could not prove one of their technicians had put the wrong plug on and it could have come from anywhere else I had my oil change done previously and they had just reused the plug on my car. They refused to refund my money for their oil change the previous day because I had no damages and could not show them a receipt from the dealership because the Saturn dealership did all the repair work for me for FREE. They did not believe my story. I will continue to take my car to the dealership and never try to save a few bucks again at Wal-Mart! Karen Houston, TexasU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Mechanics

Address: Stafford, Texas U.S.A.