I purchased a $229 Microsoft Zune from my local Wal-Mart on 11/28/09. After heading back to my car, I excitedly took the box out of my shopping bag only to see that the seal had already been broken. Upon further inspection, I realized that the box itself contained no product whatsoever. I immediately returned to the store, heading to the electronics department. The associate who had sold me the Zune immediately redirected me to customer service. After waiting in line, I politely informed the customer service rep. that I had purchased and empty box. The rep. redirected me to one of the store’s assistant managers, who very rudely told me that it was “not her problem

“” and all but accused me of trying to rip the store off. I was told that my only course of action would be to call the manufacturer

as there was “”no possible way”” Wal-Mart could have sold me an empty box. After calling Microsoft

they confirmed my belief that this was an issue that could only be resolved by the store

and not by the manufacturer. I returned to the store