I’ve worked at Wal-mart a total of 11 months (I’m now moving onto more promising prospects in the navy) and have watched the companies policy’s (at least at store 5199) degraded and ignored. I will begin with the new policy to encourage internal associates to move up in the company(as it was presented). nthe policy basicly states that the company was cutting all of the associates maximum paygrade (i forgot by how much)to encourage them to seek promotions. that is a load of horsesh** handed down from corprate as a way to increase corprate profits. nthe second new policy i would like to bring to attention is the discontinuence of the merit raises (raises given to workers who show exceptional work). the excuse for this was that “their are to many hard working assciates and to few merits to distribute.”” This one ballfes me

i don’t understand how taking away a workers incentive to excel is supposed to maximise profits. It seems like another cheap alternative to paying hourly associates more money than they need to. nif anyone could give some other reason for these new policy’s please add your input. I’ve heard from several other associates(that’s fellow coworkers to wal-mart outsiders) that have been with the company from before i was born that Wal-Mart has changed for the worse since the passing of Sam Walton. Apperently his successor cares more about pleasing investor’s than Wal-Marts employee’s(which doesn’t make much sense in a company that seventy somthing percent of the stock is supposed to be owned by employees

and i doubt the employee’s would cut their own wages). so input and

if possible

a better excuse would be much apperciated. if the company got this bad in eleven months i wonder how good it must have been. nJonnrichmond