Complaint: A thread on here a few weeks ago got me to wondering about my truck so I went and checked the oil; it was two quarts low with less than 50 miles on it after getting an oil change at Wal-Mart. I had noticed a ticking sound in the motor when I picked it up, but thought it was just the echo off the walls. Wrong. I took it to my mechanic(David Bowen, who knows his way around a motor) and was informed that there was really no way of knowing what all was wrong with it without tearing into it, but it could run anywhere from $700 for repairs to my motor or $3,000 for a rebuilt motor, depending what all was wrong with it. I e-mailed Wal-Mart and received no timely reply but thought they may be sending me some forms by snail mail to fill out. Still nothing. After reading here about all the problems with Wal-Mart oil changes I took my truck to Wal-Mart and explained my problem to J.J. Jackson, the automotive manager. He was very nice and asked to listen to my truck and agreed that something did not sound right. I explained to him that if my truck was making all that noise at the time of service I would have had to sign on the work order that the noise was no fault of Wal-Mart. This was not done. Further, I have always made a point of b.s.-ing with Dee, the prior manager,since our names are similar. She was not at work the day of my oil change or I am sure she would have pointed out my noisy motor, if I had one. I was told by J.J.(again, I do not fault him, he was just following procedures)to have my mechanic write up a letter detailing my problem and that I should write up one also and give them to him and he would forward them on up the line. Well,today I spoke with the insurance adjuster(Travis,Claim Management Services,1.800.527.0566,x=20594)and after the usual pleasantries I was informed that what I should have done is either drive it back to Wal-Mart, 2 quarts low on oil, and have them look at it OR call Wal-Mart and they would send someone out to look at it. I did not know that Wal-Mart made service calls. The next time you buy a stereo from them and get it home and it doesn’t work give them a call and have them come out and look at it. Get back to me on that. After telling Travis that all I would have to do to make it look like Wal-Mart screwed up was to drain 2 quarts of oil out of it he told me we haven’t made it that far in our discussion yet. I’m sure he would have an answer for that as well. I mentioned to him the posts on i-town and others horror stories I have heard on the street and he told me that has no bearing on my claim. After pointing out to him that it should because that shows a pattern of negligence he had no ready answer. After confirming that my claim was denied(their word against mine)I informed him that there was 20,000 vehicles that pass that store on 190 every day so don’t be surprised if I get out there on the side of the road and pass out flyer’s and maybe even parade around a sign that says Satisfaction Guaranteed with a big red circle with a line through it (No “Satisfaction Guaranteed””.)And that the internet is a big old place.He told me that is my prerogative

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Address: so I think I will exercise it. Sorry for ranting on(not really)but I am not real happy about being out big bucks for Wal-Mart’s mistake. I think they started my motor without any oil in it and managed to put 3 quarts in it before I rounded the corner to pick it up. Please e-mail this to your friends and make them aware: DO NOT GET AN OIL CHANGE AT WAL-MART! Deek Livingston

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