On 6/12/2007 I saw a box with “Leather Passport Pouches”” for $ 5.99 + tax at the foto department in a Walgreens store. The “”Leather”” felt strange and after close examination I found out that it was actually Vinyl When talking to the store manager and explaining to her that this is fraud advertising a product different from what the consumer really buys

she showed no interest at all

would not even looked at it. nSelling a vinyl product as “”Genuine leather”” is the same as selling glass as diamonds. Most consumers don’t even know how to tell the difference between vinyl and leather and believe that they made a good deal

not knowing that they were cheated. nThe advertisement at the display box was obviously printed by Walgreen’s marketing department for their nationwide sales. I believe that Walgreens bought these vinyl products for a few cents a piece from China with a selling them with a markup of over 1000%. Obviously no law enforcement agency actually goes after this kind of fraud. nStevenapache junction