Am a freelance writer, independent contractor, signed up with and applied for a bid for work at home, no details. Won bid, received information (Word DOC file). Began daily conversations on Google Hangouts via messaging. Promised (received today) cashier’s check for needed equipment for Customer Service 40/hr work at home. Equip has monitoring device. Will be trained $20/hr for a week, and then $25/hr after that. The person I spoke with to this date is Kathleen – see DOC. CASHIER’S CHECK dated Dec 30, 2015, for $3,850.00, she says $150 of money is a "signing bonus"; that W2 was going to be forwarded. SEE PICS OF CHECK. Instructed to deposit check & notify when cleared. PLEASE ADVISE. Unable to load pics of the check. PURCHASER: ****** * *********, First National Bank TX #*******. RT ******* – ********* – ** – ******* Sig ***** *******?.Attached Note: Accounting Dept ************************* . Envelope Priority Mail Express 1-day TRACKING # **********************. ****** ******; *******************, (one word) *** ******** **** ********** ** ***** Ship Date: 12/29.