IN the past couple of years, I have always shop at the Walgreen’s on Jefferson and Getz. Every Halloween, I have gone over to this store and pick up candy for the Halloween Party that I throw for the neighborhood association and the store manager, who was at this store before, knew who I was and he told me that I could get a deal on the candy. I was expecting the same thing this year, boy was I WRONG. nI went in about 4:45 pm on October 31, to the Jefferson and Getz Walgreen’s Store to pick the candy for the party. I got some of the candy that was on sale or was markdown and I got like 6 bags of this one candy. Anyway, the line was very long, so then the Store Manager, Lynn Reed told me to come over to her register and started ringing. nWell the prices were ringing up wrong, and I politely told her that the prices were ringing up wrong. LYNN REED DID NOT EVEN HEAR ME! Lynn Reed told me that the total was $38.10 for the 6 bags of candy. I told her that the candy was supposed to be 3/$5. Lynn Reed then instructed me to show her where she was wrong. So, I went back into the aisle and took off the tag for the candy and showed her that it was in fact 3/$5. SHE REFUSED TO CHARGE ME THE RIGHT PRICE. She said, That was the wrong price on the candy that tag should have been taken down. nI told that the candy was in that place; with the tag below saying that it was 3/$5. She really huff at me and said, I am sorry, but the computer read the correct price and then like she was ticked off at me, said, Well, are you going to pay for this stupid candy, you n-word? I said, What did you call me? And then she said, You heard what I said, what are you, f-word deaf? Than I asked her for the number to the district office, and then she said, I would not do that if I were you. nAnd then I just stormed out of the Walgreen’s and decided to go over to the CVS across the street and got the candy. I came back with the candy to the party. I was telling this story to one of my friends what happened and he told me that he had trouble with Lynn Reed, when he was shopping at the North Clinton store. nHe said that he complained a couple of the times about the front register person and that he never got a call back and worse, then after he went back, the photo lab specialist informed him that he was verbally warned about the incident. And that he report this to district and corporate headquarters and that they did NOTHING, except harass the photo lab specialist and send him up to the front register as punishment any time there was only two people working. And that any time he had tired to go get his pictures developed there, NO ONE WOULD SHOW UP TO THE PHOTO COUNTER. nThen another person told me that one of her friends was having problems with her, only at the Southgate store. And she told me the exact same thing happened there as it did at North Clinton. nThen someone suggest posting a complaint to this web site. nI would like to see nothing more than for Lynn Reed to be fired over this. Not only was her customer service very poor, but that she was rude and offensive to me. I will not shop at this Walgreen’s until she is gone and not sent to another store. nI will go either to another Walgreen’s or to CVS all together. nThomasnFort Wayne, IndianaU.S.A.

6202 West Jefferson Blvd Fort Wayne, Indiana U.S.A.


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