I was a employee at a Walgreen store for about 6 months. When i first started there i worked the overnight shift which was 11 at night till 7 in the morning. the whole 6 months were going great i made some new friends had no problems at all. one day the manager asked me if i could work some hours in the day time, i already had another job till 5:30 so i couldn’t do anything till after 6 she said if i could talk to my manager at the other job i had to get my hours reduced basically she told me to get fired from my other job. i told her NO! nSo i worked from 6:00pm to 2 am. which was stupid yes i know. On one of my days off from my prior job she signed me up to work the day time i went to work as promised i had about 3 hours left on my shift she called me into the office to speak to me her name was (Mrs. Dela Rosa) b***h from hell. anyways she said they didn’t need my services anymore she fired me on the spot. she said when my shift is over don’t bother coming back to work. I asked her why she said that they don’t need the help they have enough people working there. about 2 weeks later a friend of mine had gotten hired. ni walked in and said why did you fired me if you are hiring people and i looked around and seen like 3 other people that were NEW working there i was pissed then she had the nerve to tell me that i couple of times she was going over the security cameras and she had noticed that i was wearing denim jeans to work. you are required to wear black pants. so i showed her herself who was wearing denim pants with some heels, some of her other employees and also store managers. she didn’t care. but she cared that i was. and then i asked her for the over night i shouldn’t have to when you work the overnight shift you have to clean, stock shelves, sweep, mop, throw out garbage, Windex all the windows. ni was going home filthy dirty when i worked there there was no reason at all the wear nice dressy clothes..the point of my story.. I GOT FIRED BECAUSE I WORE JEANS TO A FILTHY DIRTY JOB. AND SHE LIED SAYING THEY JUST DIDN’T NEED ME. anyways i recently found out that she was let go or sent to another facility because of her managing ways. i have also recently discovered that she fired a lot of people for no reason at all she just didnt like them. ANOTHER POINT OF MY STORY IS THAT SHE IS RACIST AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE!!! I FILLED OUT AN APPLICATION, ON IT THEY ASK FOR RACE WHICH APPLICATIONS SHOULDN’T EVEN ASK FOR TO BE HONEST I PUT DOWN WHITE/CAUCASIAN. ni never ever got called, i was in there one day and saw nothing but Spanish and black workers, i am not racist this is just Wat i noticed. I went home and filled another application and this time on a hunch i put down half Spanish half white…4 hours later i got a phone call from some snotty person to come in for an interview and might i ad i have a very good resume with sales she loved it. she said i got the job but i had to take a drug test. i had to drive a half hour to this lab where i had to pee in a cup which the same place is in my hometown i wasnt allowed to use that one. ni got the job i was clean of course. I started working and a fellow employee asked why it was so long before i started i said i needed a drug test to pass she and someone else said what? we never took test, apparently this was just a random thing people who are getting jobs there so they can buy cars and stuff who have no transportation i had to have someone take the day off of there job to drive me to this lab i had no idea where is was. well thanks for reading this is my story DO NOT APPLY FOR A JOB AT WALGREEN’S UNLESS YOU SPEAK SPANISH AND OWN NOTHING BUT BLACK PANTS. OOH YEAH MAKE SURE YOU DON’T HAVE ANOTHER JOB THEY WELL ASK YOU TO QUIT IT. AFTER THEY TOLD ME THEY COULD WORK A SCHEDULED AROUND FOR ME. nN/Anglen cove, New YorkU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on Walgreens

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