I started working for Walgreens in august of 2003. I loved my job and we had a great manager. At the end of November, our store got a new head manager. After that, everything went down hill. i was a closing cashier on the evening shifts. we got a new assistant manager that closed with us. it was always my job to count my drawer down and do the paper work. this manager wouldn’t let me do that. nat the begining of january, a loss prevention manager came to our store. by then i had been moved to day shift and taken off the register. he called me into the break and room and started by telling me how if i didn’t cooperate with him, i would be thrown in jail. he then proceeded to blame me for $141 that was stolen from the register during the month of December. i tried to tell him that i hadn’t done the final count on the drawer since the end of november. he wouldn’t listen. he had a police officer there and said if i didn’t confess and pay them $141 that i would be thrown in jail for 5 years. nwell by then i was really unpset and scared. you see i was four months pregnant and i didn’t know what to do. he then told me if i paid the money, i would be put on probation but i would still have my job. well i did what they asked me to do. five minutes later, i was fired. Walgreens may have used to be a good company but from what i experienced, they are only out to get money. nAlicianLittle Rock, ArkansasU.S.A.

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