Complaint: I would like to file a warning to any person trying to fill a prescription with this Walgreens. Unless you like to be treated as a criminal, go somewhere else! This is what happened to me…. It was on Monday, 10/22/12. The pharmacy manager that was on duty this day was Rachel. She gave me the WORST customer experience I have EVER HAD, bar none. It all began around 4 PM, when I first entered the store to fill a prescription of adderall for my son, who has ADD and does not function well at school without. Normally I go to CVS, but they did not have it and referred us to Walgreens. Rachel could not enter her computer system because her password was not working. She told me to come back in an hour or so, at that time she could “use”” the password of her coworker in stead. I came back around 7 PM

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Address: she used her coworkers password but still could not find my son in her system. She then demanded I go to CVS and get a printout of all the adderall prescriptions he has had in the past

Website: but that she did not want to do that. She also told me that this is the way she operates

Phone: to establish a “”good faith”” history. She refused my request to simply call them up and ask this right there. I inquired: “”But what if I just go to my computer and give you a printout of whatever?”” Whereupon she responded: “” Oh