I was trying to get help with my voice mail from xfinity, and they referred me to their xfinity Mobile help number. I dialed the number I had written down: 888.936.9468 and got a recorded message that said that all operators were busy but I was eligible for a free $100 Walmart gift card if I was interested. Someone came on the line and wanted to send me this gift card, but I needed to pay $4.95 shipping. I hung up, but I assume they next would have asked for my credit card information.I got online and found that two of the digits in the number I had written down were transposed: xfinity Mobile’s help number is actually 888.936.4968 The scammers appear to be targeting xfinity Mobile customers. I reported this when I called in and suggested that they block this number in their system, as it is targeting their customers, and was told there was nothing they can do, that my best course of action would be to report this to the BBB.