We went to Walmart and after checking out I looked over the receipt before leaving the store. I found several errors in price, but I wanted to be sure that the price was wrong. So I went and check the two things that I was sure rang up at a higher price, and sure enough the posted price was lower then the price that it rang up at. This hadn’t been the first time this happened. On black Friday we bought two pairs of boys jeans, one pair rang up at the sale price, and the other rang up at full price. We we spoke the the manager about this he said “oh yeah

that happens a lot””. I was so upset that I have to check my receipt on a regular bases before leaving the store that I decided to return every thing that I had just purchased. He said that he would just void the transaction

but I would still have to wait 7-10 business days for a refund to my bank card. nWhen I asked for proof that he canceled the transaction

he told me that he couldn’t provide any thing to “”prove”” that he canceled it. He wouldn’t even give me back the original receipt. When we asked what we were to do if the money was never refunded

he shrugged his shoulders and said “”Well