I had ordered some stuff from Walmart.com that was delivered to me damaged. I googled the number for Walmart.com and saw the 866.992.5299 number. I called that and a man answered and said he would take care of this and give me some money for my trouble. He said I needed to go to the Dollar General and buy a Google Money Card for $50.00. He would then take the numbers off the card over the phone and then load some money on the card for my time and trouble. I didn’t think it was strange since I would be getting reimbursement so I went to Dollar General and they didn’t have the Google cards so I called him and he said an iTunes card would work so that’s what I bought. I called him back and gave him the numbers from the card. He kept saying the numbers were wrong so I gave the phone to someone else at my house and she gave him the numbers multiple times but he kept saying they were wrong and then finally told her that she was a scam and hung up on her. Now I’m out the money.