About 2 months ago i was fired from walmart because they stated to me that i was hugging the c.s.s’. The thing was is that everyone at walmart was hugging those C.S.S’ and cashiers not just me. But everyone that works there. Thanks to them I went home and was a complete mess. My family and I were so discriminated by their decision that i had to call our marketing manager about it. nWhen I called The marketing manager he said that it was inappropriate for employees to hug one another. I contacted a good friend of mine who works there and he said to me that everyone that works at that walmart was doing that all along. They were all Hugging one another. and kissing each other on the cheeks and all. Now if they fired me over this situation don’t they realize that these other employees are doing that too and that if it was against policy then those employees are just not thinking. nAfter being unhappy with the decision both the store managers, and the marketing managers came up with, I decided to call my lawyer about it because not only for that reason because they wrote to the unemployment center and told them that i was using bad language towards the managers and towards the coworkers (which was not true at all). Because the unemployment center sent me a letter saying that I was disqualified from getting health benefits because walmart stated this horrible lie it left both my lawyer and I no choice but to sue walmart for this situation that they are putting me through. nAccordingly because i also found out that in this state walmart is not allowed to fire people over a situation as i mentioned in the 1st paragraph I had no choice but to report that to him as well. This came to our decision to sue walmart over that, fraud, discrimination, and wrongful accuse. Not only because of that because they also kept lying to both me and my father together. The managers said I hit a car while pushing carts which was not true also. The managers said they caught it on tape. They did not. They were lying inorder to keep me outside. I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced being fired for this kindof situation. nBecause scince they are not firing the other employees for doing that as often as I was then why are they firing me over this? If you guys can do me a favor and let me know if either one of u guys ever experienced being terminated for this reason either way and i’ll be looking forward to hearing from each of u guys. thank you so much. nglennncranbury, New JerseyU.S.A.

East Windsor, New Jersey U.S.A.

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