On 9-15-2013 I received a daily balance alert on my Wal-Mart money card, the balance was much lower than I expected. I immediately went online to review my account, there were 2 charges on my card, both were in Qatar each for 2 different amounts totaling 192.29. I called customer service in a panic and they told me the purchase was pending and I could not file a dispute until this posted to my account, I was very upset because even the representative agreed that I could not have made this purchase. I called the company where my card was used and they were of no assistance to me at all. On 9-17-2013 the charges “posted””to my account. I filed a verbal dispute over the phone and I faxed one in as well on the same day. I was told this would take 10 business days

I was very upset how can they hold someones money that long? On 10-1-13 the money was placed back into my account. (my card is disabled due to the unauthorized purchases so I have no access to the money. On 10-2-2013 I called the money center and they said they have 14 business days to issue me a check. According to my account on 10-16-2013 they mailed my check. Because of them taking their sweet time issuing my stolen money back to me

I have had many issues things that were un-paid due to this occurance. I am filing a lawsuit against Wal-Mart Money card for damages and Grievances due to their lack of caring about their customers. Most people live paycheck to paycheck I am one of those people. It is wrong for them to make me the vitctim wait a month to get back money that was stolen from me.”

P.O. Box P.O. 1187; Internet USA