I just want to give people with the Mountain State Card a heads up; watch you’re food stamp balances carefully! I just found out on Memorial day – the hard way. nHaving been in the store to get some food for a holiday BBQ; the cashier rung my order and I swiped my card and it approved (thus pulling the funds out of my ETB balance); then found there was a $4.24 balance not covered on the card. When I asked the cashier why; all I had was food and nothing else (otherwise I might not have caught the error). nTurns out apparently they were selling hotdogs (normally they don’t at this location, was a holiday thing) and they didn’t ring as food stampable and had to be rerung with a food stamp “modifier””. So instead of just voiding off the hotdogs and reringing these

the cashier voided and rerung the entire order and ran my card again. Not only charging me the original purchase amount of $9.53; but also the $13.65 that should have been rung to begin with. Leaving my foodstamp amount short for the month by $9.53. nThis may not sound like much; but when you’re a single mother of two and working 48 hours plus a week to make ends meet (and they never do)

this can be a couple gallons of milk

eggs and cerial. nAs soon as I discovered the discrepancy; I took the reciepts to the customer service (store manager wasn’t in)

I spoke w/Adam and a CSR and they just kept saying the original transaction was aborted so the card was never charged. I had even shown them the Kroger reciept from the night before and the EBT balances just didn’t jive with what they were telling me. nThey advised I needed to go to my local DHHR office and have them remedy the situation. I did this only to be told by the worker/screener; no