I was walking out of the local walmart in medina oh when a man jumped in front of me and said stop we need to talk about some unpaid items… mind you I just left the checkout line and spent over $90 on things that I needed for my children. I also had my children with me. He had me go in his little camara room, then two other poeple followed. I showed him my reciept for all the things i just purchased. Well underneath a carrier was two items that were indeed unpaid for I said oh I am sorry can I please pay for these now? His response to that was no and can I see your i.d. He began to write me up…. I told him over and over that it was a mistake and he said that the items were pushed under the carrier on purpose. The total amount of the two item came to about $12 and some change. They told me that this was a warning, wrote me up and then I was able to leave. I wanted the items so I PAID for my things and left. A few weeks later I got a letter in the mail it was from a lawyers’ office and walmart has a civil demand of $200 from me. I did not shoplift and i paid for my things… I think this was really f**ked up. Not to mention everytime I am at the store I feel uncomfortable At one point I was spending over $700 a month at that store. Im sure that they dont care they are a multi million dollar company. Also this man that was completley heartless is in the middle of a big lawsuit…… Will never shop at walmart again.

walmart in medina oh medina, Ohio United States of America

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