I went to Walmart on 6/12/04 to pick up a DVD for my son. I have never been in a more disgusting, dirty store in my life. I’m 49. Someone had thrown-up on the floor and a poor teenage employee was trying to clean it up with only a roll of paper towels. A dirty diaper was in the soda aisle on one of the shelves. The floor around the checkout was covered with half eaten candy and corn chips you had to walk on to get out. The checker had a bad cold and continually wiped her nose on her hand and sleeve. I finally had enough and just walked out without buying anything. nThe final straw happened walking back to my car. It was impossible to walk thru the parking lot without getting chewing gum on your shoes because every inch of the ground was covered with it. Walking back to my car I felt something hit the side of my head, I put my hand up and it was GUM. A big wad of bubble gum was stuck in my hair. Which had to be cut off to remove it. I guess I could have tried peanut butter or something, but I was just to disgusted to try. nInstead of using the bathrooms inside the store, women were letting there little boys urinate on the side of the building outside for all to see. nI will never go to the Salinas walmart again. nGarnetnSalinas, CaliforniaU.S.A.

Davis Road Salinas, California U.S.A.

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