I was home due to illness and decided with the help of my boredom, to follow up my long time urge to complete an on-line gift card offer. Oh, I sould mention that I “won”” this “”opurtunity”” from Publishers Clearing House… this give the reader an idea of my bored and volnerable state of mind. nI carefully tried to follow each and every step for my “”FREE”” giftcard as “”required””. Many redirects later while filling out information that just seems to appear out of nowhere you forget what you were doing

where you are and how to get back. nAlong the way and throughtout the process you encounter offers

and an implied easy almost done route to a “”FREE”” giftcard

only to more of the same filling out trial offers that must be cancelled or they will charge you for the full amount! Who can remember at this point who

how or when to cancel! nFortunately