I was terminated for excessive breaks in 6′ 2″ 250 pounds your bladder can only hold one litre at a time a person needs one litre of water each 50 pounds I asked about grievance pay and transfer to Colville WA I was written up 2 hours later told I was working slows the past month my brother has just passed I was also called to jury duty this period While everyone was in training I worked frozen grocery deli produce at old location Half of employees terminated had white hair Told I was slow I had 60ailes to work in 6hours that’s 5 mins each aisle plus go backs stocking assisting customers I told them WalMart groceries delivered 3days later Former employer turnaround was 12 hours I was limited to 2functions on telzon there are over 20 I was forced out of grocery and raises taken away Former employer gave me promotion over 110 employees last time I checked liqour aisle 110 outs Just found out statue of limitations ca wrongful termination is to years class action here we come Gleicher vs WalMart they have violated state federal and company laws please join me in this fight thank you”

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