Fake Walmart online services


My Complaint: On or about 07/20/13, i received a letter stating that, i had completed an affiliate consumer survey which stated that, i was interested in mystery shopping, part time and further that, i was selected to participate in walmart’s online services. The letter also included a pre defined user name and password.

Further enclosed with the letter was a check in the amount of $1,950.00.

I was instructed to use the login information provided to activate the check.

I was further instructed to wait for the check to clear and when i had the money in-hand come back to the web page to get the assignment.

I went back to the site and reported the bank incident. if a reply is submitted, i will update this report.

Advice: if you ever receive a check from an unknown entity or the check is for a large amount, do not place it in your account, take it to the bank that issued said check to verify that it is a good check.

Further, if you are seeking work at home jobs go to: (m.s.p.a.) mystery shoppers providers association.

Best of luck and god bless.

Aprils. Ray


My Demand: Public Awareness