Dont Waste Your Money! Smithe boasts of quality in their famous commercials. DON’T believe it. We purchased their top-of-the-line, Drexel Heritage. The couch and loveseat purchased were both delivered with fabric pulls. They corrected one of these small tears by replacing a seat cushion cover. The other small tears were on the arm and back, not too noticeable at that point but their expert said they were the start of holes. Nothing was done to correct these. After only four months of light use, 27 additional pulls in the fabric were brought to the attention of Smithe. They took one seat cushion cover to send to the manufacturer for review. Almost three months later, we received our seat cover back and the manufacturer denies any fabric defect. Smithe acknowledged the poor quality and did offer a ‘No Fee Reselection’. Sounds great except that somehow the No Fee reselection comes with a bill for an ADDITIONAL $1400! So much for ‘No Fee Reselection’. More good news, the fabric has a 2 year warranty. The bad news, Smithe won’t honor it because the manufacturer said the fabric isnt defective. I would say that fabric with that many pulls must be defective. This apparently must be normal for furniture from Smithe. We were accused of having pets that clawed at the fabric. No pets here as my son and I are highly allergic to everything but fish (in a tank). Did we fall for a SCAM? It seems like were being swindled.This process has dragged out for more than a year and we haven’t gotten anything from Smithe but hassle and requests for more money. This must be a SCAM. We are extremely disappointed with our purchase and more disappointed in Smithe. They just say theres nothing they can do. They wont consider a full refund even though our new furniture with its numerous tears looked as if it was more than15 years old in only four months. What a rip off! We would love to start over with a company that will back their products and has real customer service. Its criminal for Smithe to deliver damaged furniture then demand more money to fix it. DON’T BUY FROM SMITHE. You WILL Be Sorry!!!

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