Complaint: Wargaming has virtually no customer service at all. On It’s NA server for the America’s, they no longer accept customer service tickets for in game violations of things that go wrong. They stopped taking customer report tickets for player violations for things such as (ex: Physics abuse, blocking your teamates, giving your allied players positions away, Insults, threats in and out of game, or any other in game compliants related to players) Some of these things include blatant racism, which includes hate speech, anti-semtic hate, national origin, ethnic, cultural, political, religious things of the most extreme nature I have ever seen on in an on-line evironment. They claim they have an automated system which takes care of this. Which none of the players in the game have any faith in, and they have made numerous threads on the forum posting community (forum) If you make tickets an try to bring these matter up and try to escalate the ticket, you will have the EULA ticket thrown in your face, and told, “If you don’t like it

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: and for trying ot assert better justice

Website: when players try to point out in the community what is wrong

Phone: or pointing out where I system might be wrong