Sometime last Summer (03), I ordered what I thought was just a free sample from Warner Health Care, Inc., from their website as advertised. nSometime in the next month or 2 I started to receive additional packets of their product Avlimil. I tried calling their telephone number on numerous occasions and was kept on hold for extreme amounts of time. nSince I am a very busy single parent and business person who travels, I couldn’t keep up the constant calling trying to get in touch with them. Additionally, on occasion the product didnt come so I would assume they had made a mistake, corrected it and that was the end. nBut low and behold another packet would arrive and again I would try to call with no results. Until Feb. 6th, 2004 when I had the opportunity to take a day off from work, I decided to spend some time trying to get through to them. nI did and spoke to a representative who said I had authorized this (which by the way I did not)by agreeing to get the “free”” sample. I explained to her that i did no such thing and that I felt this was just a big hoax and vehemently asked to immediately stop future shipments or I would report them to the B.B.B. She agreed. nSo now after at least 6 months later and all of these packets of unused Avlimil and not to mention my money spent needlessly on this stuff

I find your website with so many others who were duped by this company

I write this complaint so others might be made aware of their sneaky practices. nI hope something can be done to stop thisnand I thank you very much for this opportunity. nJo AnnnBrooklyn

New YorkU.S.A.”

P.O. BOX 18311 Cincinatti, Ohio U.S.A.