I to was interested in the Avlimil product and agreed to the free 30 day supply and paying only the postage required.nSounds good right! nWe are being taken for a ride, I never signed up or agreed to their “Managed Care program”” but sure enough another 2 months supply arrived at my home. nA quick call to Warner resulted in a rude person telling me you are stuck with the product because you agreed to enroll in the program. Never did

never wanted to

I just wanted to try the product and then decide. You are never given the chance they send the product immediately and bill your credit card. nAdditional calls proved futile

I was able to cancel but they have my $70.00 and no way to get it back.nWerner Health is ripping people off day after day.nPlese be aware of this scam they are getting very rich by deceiving people like you and me. nDeborahnRocklin