Washington Gas Company is A Rip Off. Don’t Use Them!!


My Complaint: When I Moved into My 2 Br Apt, I Used to Pay about $40-$70 Max. Then after a while, My Bills all Of a Sudden Jumped to $100 and 150 A Month. I work 5days a week, I’m barely home, So I mostly eat out and cook once in a Mean while. and I don’t Use My Heater Often because it Messes with My Sinus. Then When I Called them to find out whats going on, They are giving Me all sorts of stupid reasons, like its the winter month and all that crap They kept on transferring Me from One person to another and finally I get to speak to one Idiot like that, who calls himself supervisor/Manager, Still unable to tell Me how A One person could have Used to Much Gas to For “Heating”. Not to Mention that They charge You whether You used the gas/heater or not, they called it “Service Fee” so in the Winter month, You pay Just to keep the Damn Pipes Warm, Prevent them from Freezing and Keep Gas Flowing. To Me, that’s crazy, But Anyway I ended with a $600 Bill within a 5 month period, isn’t that Just Awesome and Amazing? They Cut Off My Gas and I Said To Them, Keep Your Gas While I keep My Money You Rogues!!. So if You’re considering Using Washington Gas, You Know You’re doing so at Your expense, because these thieves don’t care about You, they Just want to get in Your Bank!


My Demand: Reduce The Bill They Gave Me!