Katie Joshi is pretty good at diagnosis but she is not good at listening or explaining. She expects you to just accept her decisions with no concern for how the patient feels about it. She is not thorough and she is inconsiderate. When she or her staff make a mistake or fail to do their part she will just throw something else at you and consider that as doing her part. Prescribing meds with no explanation and I got one that she didn’t even tell me she was prescribing and I still have no idea what it is for.  She seems to dislike spending any time explaining or answering questions. I had to get most of my information online. Noting a full body exam for every visit when it has never happened. Lack of concern is VERY, VERY evident.   Katie’s assistant, Betsy is just useless.  Carol Purcell is rude and treats you like an idiot for not knowing something that Katie never told you.  Find somewhere else, they don’t care if they have your business anyway.

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