The note was left on my door, the doorbell was never rung. I called the phone number thinking it was the water company. A lady answered and said that several residents have complained about the water quality and asked if they could do a free test. I said ok and 2 men were sent to my home. The men didn’t have identification. One was wearing a vest with a WQA and NASA logo. They were in a white crossover with no identifying logos. They proceeded to run tests by comparing my tap water and bottled water to check for contaminants and ph. The tap water changed colors and textures as expected. The men spoke little English and their literature was in spanish. They also showed me some videos on a laptop. They then said the solution is a ‘program’ that they were offering but did not give any details about the program. When asked if they had business cards they replied they didn’t have any. After the test was done I asked them to leave and they left.