My great credit is ruined. I am being sued by a hospital because wayne county health choice didn’t pay. According to my provider contract, I’m only liable for a $50 co-pay. nI am just sick over this. My company has paid their third of the premiums, I have had my third deducted from my check weekly and now I am being hounded by a lawyer because this “sleezy”” company has been able to continue to operate this way. They continue to change names and recruit new companies

(sign up more suckers). nI have spent countless hours trying to get these bills paid. I have been given the run-around

treated rudely

even transferred to some guy who worked in the basement and didn’t even speak English. I have left many messages for someone at WCHC to call me back–I have never been called back. I cannot even answer my own phone because of the creditors calling me. nSherri

I am very interested in any help you can give me