Beware of WDWTravels and owners Angie and Tim Kennard! WDWTravels is a web-based travel agency located in Portage, Michigan. The main focus of WDWTravels is Disney related travel. Agents hired are independent contractors working from their own homes. These agents are great people with a love of Disney! Agents build their own client list of family, friends, and by marketing themselves in their respective areas. They work hard to build their business and to plan great trips for families traveling to Disney. What these agents did not sign up for was to be scammed by the Kennards. n If you are already employed by or are considering working for WDWTravels, do some investigating immediately. WDWTravels is owned and operated by Angie and Tim Kennard of Portage, Michigan. They have quite the scam going and it has been ongoing for a couple of years at least. Do not let the Authorized Disney Vacation Planner designation fool you into thinking they are a reputable company. If you work for them, you will not get paid. n Here is how their scam works. Your contract will probably state that you will be paid within 90-120 days of your client’s travel. The Kennards will tell you that Disney does not pay commissions until 60-90 days after the client’s travel date…that is absolutely false. Disney pays commissions almost immediately after a client travels and those commissions are DIRECT DEPOSITED into the bank account of WDWTravels. You are almost guaranteed NOT to see the commission you have earned. When you ask why you are not receiving your commission payments, the Kennards will most likely tell you that Disney is not paying them. They will make up a series of lies and stories (most very convincing) as to why they are not paying you. If you continue to press them for the money that you have earned and that is owed to you, you are certain to be terminated. Over the past two years, more than a dozen agents have been wrongfully terminated when they began asking why they were not getting paid. False allegations by the Kennards have been made against agents who have repeatedly asked for their money. These allegations have been made by the Kennards so that they can fire the agent and keep the commissons they already were not paying. If you are employed by WDWTravels, read through your contract very carefully. Why in the world would it be worded so that they can control your clients and the commissions that you are earning? Why would they not pay you within a reasonable amount of time? The contract is set up so that agents book numerous vacations. Many of those vacations are months in advance. By the time the agent realizes they are not being paid and begin asking for their money, they already have thousands of dollars of future travel booked. If they quit because they are not being paid, or if they are fired by the Kennards for asking for their money, they lose ALL of the commissions on the vacations already booked. n How many agents has this affected? Dozens. Do your homework. Ask current agents how many people have left in the past two years. Ask current agents what they were told as to why those agents left. Better yet, track down those former agents and ask THEM. How do you do that? Invest a little time by googling WDWTravels. In the past two years, more than 25 agents have left WDWTravels. Google the WDWTravels blog page to read past articles (written by past agents). Make note of how many are NO LONGER THERE. Want to talk to those former agents? Google their names (first and last if you have both). Google by name, by Disney travel (lots of former agents now work for other agencies or own their own), or ask people who currently work there for names of people who have left. n Are you still not convinced they are running a scam? How about looking up the lawsuits that have been filed against the Kennards and WDWTravels. There is a current case pending in the State of Michigan. You can view that at: In fact, the Kennards failed to appear in court for this hearing on January 30, 2012 although it was mandatory. There is also a current lawsuit in the State of Pennsylvania against the Kennards and WDWTravels. You can view details at Not enough evidence to convince you they are scamming their agents? They have also been sued in the State of Louisiana where they also failed to appear for court. n WDWTravels is an independent agency, however that has not always been the case. They used to work under a couple of other agencies. Two years ago, they were let go by Sanborn’s when Sanborn’s found out that the Kennards were not paying their agents. At that time, WDWTravels became an independent agency. n The Kennards owe thousands of dollars to former agents that they failed to pay. In some cases, they only paid after former agents retained attorneys and demanded payment. If you work for them, are your commission payments up to date? Have you not been paid in the past? Do you have to practically beg to get the money you have earned? If you are not being paid or are paid months after you were supposed to, do you really believe Disney is not paying commissions? I can assure you Disney IS paying. Don’t believe it? Contact Disney yourself to find out. The steps you need to take to file a missing commission report are right on your Disney Travel Agent web page. Your commissions have been paid, but someone else is spending your money. n The bottom line is if you work for WDWTravels, you will be out a lot of time and money. They do not pay their agents according to what is stated in the contract, and most of the time do not pay at all. Your trust will be violated and you will be taken for a ride. Think things can’t get any worse than not getting paid? Wait until the Kennards drag your name through the mud and bad mouth you to your former co-workers. If you are considering working for this company, reconsider. There are lots of great and reputable companies to work for who sell Disney travel. Find one of those companies and work for them.

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