Complaint: They said another mailing would be sent out since my return was zero. Then in October I got an email that the company was changing it’s ROI program and I would be getting $750 a month return. Got nothing. An email went out in November saying company was having issues and would get back to us in January. They asked for emails asking for a refund saying Partners in Profit was no more. I sent an email saying I was owed a refund amounting to $1300. They resonded that there was no way that amount was correct. I sent another email with a copy of cancelled check for $1177 on March 1, 2017. Hearded nothing. Sent an email on March 18, 2017 asking where are we at on the refunds, with no response. In two months I would have been battleing with this company for more than a year. Horrible. I have been battling Wealth Partners Publishing for almost a year trying to get a refund to a program I invested in that was a scam. The program, called Partners in Profits, cost a $195 entrance fee where your return would be $100 for ever $195 spent. I bought the 1,000 mailer package for $1,177. PinP was suppose to send the mailers out and I was guaranteed a 2% response. I started May, 2016 and by August 2016 I had not received one repsponse. I contacted the company and told them of my concern, that I wanted a refund. They said they would send a second mailer out. I contacted them again in September 2016 and was told a new program was starting at that I would be receiving $750 a month from a sort of MLM setup. By November, an email went out from PinP saying they were stopping the program due to issues and would refund all monies to investors. In January,2017 I received an email saying PinP wasn’t starting up again and that refunds would be issued. I sent an email asking for a refund of $1300. I was sent an email back saying that amount was incorrect, way to high. on March 1, 2017 I sent a copy of the cancelled check. I heard nothing. On March 18, 2017 I sent an email to [email protected] asking for an update. Nothing. The original address was WealthPartners Publishing, 1136 S. Delano CT W, Suite B201, Chicago, IL 60605. I did receive a refund of $95 dollars from a charge they made on my credit card. I believe there’s also an office in Atlanta. I have been scammed and I’m very upset. I read a lot of complaints regarding this company on the net, after the fact.

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Address: Internet USA


Phone: disconnected